The Secret Ingredient to Accomplishing Goals

Dart Board Goal Achievement

It is that time of year where Leaders do the work necessary to cast a vision, apply the mission, and strategically set a course of activities that will ensure the company crosses the finish line a winner.  Leaders are trained in accomplishing goals.

Goals … Stretch Goals … Unattainable Goals. All of us have gone through the exercise.

Inspiring? Usually not.


It can be if you include this secret ingredient in the mix of your goals: Spiritual Goals

4 Goal Categories to Review to Accomplishing Goals

  1. Spiritual Goals
  2. Personal Goals
  3. Family Goals
  4. Business Goals

In working with a countless number of Leaders on goal setting and personal achievement, I identified one of the biggest obstacles to success is a missing goal category.

These Leaders would pour themselves into their business goals along with some fitness-health goals and never take thought on improving their relationship with God or Family.

Secret Ingredient to Accomplishing Goals is the Bible

You may ask, “What is the missing category?”  The missing category can be titled as Spiritual or Faith.  Whatever word you choose, pick a word that encompasses your working relationship with God.

Interestingly enough, when these same Leaders started including Spiritual Goals into the mix of Personal, Family, and Business Goals, that secret ingredient dramatically improved the overall success rate their other goals.

By focusing on their spiritual goals first, the rest of their goals fell into a manageable perspective.

They had less stress, better communication with their family, and their businesses prospered far better than they expected.    You can experience the same transformation as I have experienced.  It has worked for me, and I challenge you to try it!

Spiritual Goals to Consider to Accomplishing Goals:

  1. Daily Prayer Time (at least 15 minutes)
  2. Daily Study Time (at least 15 minutes)
  3. Attend Church every week
  4. Join a monthly Bible Study
  5. Go on a Mission Trip
  6. Embark on several retreats such as Faces of Christ or Desert Days
  7. Memorize a Bible Scripture every week
  8. Involve your company in group Bible Studies and Community Mission Opportunities
  9. Join Truth At Work Louisville
  10. Conduct a Bible Study

I encourage you to add the special ingredient of a Spiritual Focus into your mix of goals for 2020, and if you do, I am confident that you will find new levels of success in all areas of life.

As the scripture says,

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33 KJV


Question:  What is holding you back in achieving more goals this year?  What Spiritual Goals are you adding to the mix?

Let’s make 2020 our best year ever!


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