Biblical Decision Making Paul Harstrom Blog Post

Biblical Decision Making Starts With You

God has provided Christian Leaders with tools in His Word to help them make decisions, for their life and in their businesses.  Biblical decision making does not have to be hard or mysterious. For the sincere Christian Business Leader, it is sometimes difficult to know the right direction to take for a problem at hand.  […]

Think Differently About Things

Finding Real Purpose in Work

Every Leader needs to have Excitement, Meaning, and Purpose in their annual workload. Have you ever dreaded the thought of another year of “work,” doing the same thing all over again for the same unfulfilling outcomes? If you’re honest with yourself, you can say “Yes, I have” to my question.  Don’t worry, I have also […]

Dart Board Goal Achievement

The Secret Ingredient to Accomplishing Goals

It is that time of year where Leaders do the work necessary to cast a vision, apply the mission, and strategically set a course of activities that will ensure the company crosses the finish line a winner.  Leaders are trained in accomplishing goals. Goals … Stretch Goals … Unattainable Goals. All of us have gone […]